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A New Book - Piobaireachd Fingerwork
This new book by Jim McGillivray, Piobaireachd Fingerwork, takes exactly the same approach as its predecessor, breaking the difficult technique of piobaireachd into bite-size morsels that are understandable and that come together into complete movements. $40.00

Binneas is Boreraig
This collection brings together all six of the original Binneas books first published seperately in 1959 and based on the playing of Malcolm R MacPherson, grandson of Calum Piobair. $67.50

College of Piping - Piobaireachd & CD
This is a great introduction to Piobaireachd for those who are interested in exploring this style of pipe music. Comes with a CD. $39.95

Donald MacDonald Collection of Piobaireachd
New edition presents music in complete detail incorporating Donald MacDonald's characteristically elegant phrasing together with a modern setting familiar to pipers of today. $99.95

Donald MacLeod Collection
Hard covered bound collection of books 1-6. $169.95

Donald MacPherson, A Living Legend
There is no music more magically Celtic than Pibroch. Composed for Highland chieftains between 1537 and 1747, these works display a piper's genius. $34.99

Piobaireachd Society Books
Piobaireachd Society books 1 - 15 including preface and index bound in quality hardback with gold finish and lettering. $499.00

Piobaireachd Society Volumes
Books 1 - 15 $35.00

The Kilberry Book of Piobaireachd
Hard cover book with 100 Piobaireachd tunes. The introduction includes information on the history and basic theory of Piobaireachd. Has enough Piobaireachd to last a lifetime. $64.95